July 19, 2013

A Thought on How to Properly Reboot Star Trek The Original Series

Salve Omni!

The fact that it has been raining cats, dogs, frogs and tribbles over the past few days, has left my husband and I mainly stranded indoors. So, we've been writing a lot (I, myself, on some ideas for future blogs and working a bit on my new Steam punk novel, while my husband has been writing away on his awesome new novel). I typically associate rainy days and nights with being "good sleeping weather"; however, for a couple of nights this week, we found ourselves wide awake and unable to fall asleep. Well...you guessed it! Or maybe you didn't -- so maybe I should just tell you already before you realize that I'm really referring to the fact that we have almost finished piecing together that monster from old body parts in our garage/secret laboratory. Hah! I wish we had a secret laboratory! I think, then, the correct response would be, "so, that's why all of the stray neighborhood cats have gone missing!" Anywhoo, fully-embracing the vampire hours, we decided to break out the DVDs and watch, Star Trek The Original Series!!!

As a Trekkie, I am ashamed to admit that it has been a while. Not since I've watched Star Trek, but since I have watched The Original Series episodes. Usually, my husband and I will watch one of the movies - not that new-fangled reboot, but I'm talking classics like, The Voyage Home and, my favorite, The Undiscovered Country. Halfway through watching our third episode of the early AM, my husband said something that really got me thinking. He said, "You know, instead of focusing on the new movies to re-introduce the Original Series and its characters, why not redo all of the old episodes?"

Now before anyone takes to my comments page in protest, kindly let me clarify. You first must understand that my husband is in no way saying that the old episodes need to be altered and re-written in someone else's vision. He is merely suggesting a visual update of the scenery, alien species, creatures, etc., as well as bringing in the younger versions of Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and the rest of the Enterprise crew from the JJ Abrams films. And I agree. As far as the script, CHANGE NOTHING, EVER!!! Sure, even I will agree that William Shatner's Captain Kirk can be a bit over dramatic at times in the series, but if you look past all of that and actually sit down and take the time to listen to the dialogue, you will notice that the writing is brilliant! The stories are unique, exceptional, adaptive and timeless. JJ Abrams gave us a shiny new Enterprise (complete with lens flares, but I'll save this for another blog), so why not use our modern-day advances in cinematic techniques to "update" the sets and planets and lifeforms and alien species to their visual glory? With a bit of believable CGI and special effects, the series of old could be as visually stunning as it is moving. A feast for the senses - brilliant writing already set in place as imagined by the original writers, and beautiful landscapes and sets to compliment it all.

Think about it, Dear Readers - Star Trek The Original Series has already been digitally-remastered; what if they went a step further and gave it a "visual face lift"? I have spoken with many newbies who either grew up watching The Next Generation, or one of the later series, or none. They saw the first of the new movie reboots, and loved it. This further intrigued them to watch some of The Original Series episodes, only to find it difficult or boring to watch because "it was too cheesy and outdated". True stories, I'm afraid!

Despite the brilliantly-written episodes, it is clearly not enough to peak the interest of a large majority of this generation. Sadly, we as a culture, have become dependent on the visual - if it is not updated or visually-appealing, something can easily lose the interest of its audience. A clever dialogue must be accompanied with pretty images, awesome sets and landscapes, and sound effects and music so extraordinary, it would make the angels weep. So why not; let's re-introduce The Original Series to the awaiting world the proper way - just as it was written, but with a brand shiny new updated look!

Create a guaranteed formula - original script, a new, younger cast to play The Original Series characters, and a visual face lift. The result, a hybrid gem of the old and the new that will bring Gene Roddenberry's vision not only to our present generation, but will branch out through future generations as a series that will continue to serve as a source of inspiration and growth as we look to the future.

And then I dare someone to tell me that this TV series wasn't years ahead of its time!