September 12, 2013

Delayed Reaction…Batfleck? How About Batcage Instead?!!!

Salve Omni!

Okay, okay…I know it’s a bit late to post my reaction to the announcement that Ben Affleck has been cast as the new Batman/Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman film, but, hey…who am I to follow the norm?  The true reason for my delayed reaction – SHOCK!!!  I am not going to lie – as a super hero enthusiast and Batman fanatic, I was saddened to hear that (a) Christian Bale was not going to reprise his role as Batman/Bruce Wayne, and (b) Ben Affleck had been chosen. 

My reaction…NOOOOO! 

I have yet to see Argo, but I do remember Daredevil, and to be honest, I was not impressed…at all!  I don’t think that Ben Affleck has what it takes to don the mantle of The Batman; maybe (and I mean, maybe) he could pass as Bruce Wayne because of the dark hair and appearance, but his acting range would have to broaden greatly and quickly in order to encompass the duality of my beloved Batman.

Now we could all be proven wrong when the movie debuts…who knows?  Stranger things have happened.  Affleck might blow us all away with his version of The Batman.  Obviously, when he auditioned for the role, the studio saw something of quality in his performance that made him fit (in their eyes) to be cast.  So, I guess we will just have to wait until 2015 to either be pleasantly-surprised, or extremely disappointed.  But until then, I can always dream of a different Batman…of my choice for Batman.  And that, Dear Reader, is why it has taken me awhile to respond to this matter – I had to thoroughly ponder which actor would make a qualified candidate.  And I have come up with the perfect solution – Nicolas Cage!!!

Now, before you take to the comment section to blast my decision, I ask you to first read on to understand why.  Other than my slight, harmless obsession with Nicolas Cage, I took a look back at some of his films.  Ghost Rider – awesome!  Kick-Ass – excellent!  Knowing – (one of my favorite Cage films) he played the crap out of that role.  Shall I go on?  Let’s see, there’s also Valley Girl, Leaving Las Vegas, Face/Off, City of Angels, National Treasure (see, he can do adventure), Adaptation, and, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.  I could go on, but I listed these films to showcase his role versatility.  Whether you love Nicolas Cage or hate him, his impressive acting skills and believable characters tend to stick with you because he gives each role/character 150%, and, well, it is just so darn entertaining to watch him on screen!

Who better to play Gotham City’s sort of eccentric and well-respected socialite billionaire, than a real-life eccentric.  We all know that Mr. Cage is quite the eccentric gentleman – with his fondness for exotic pets and real estate purchases; he once even owned a castle!  It is also noted that he is a fan of comic books, and even auctioned off a large collection of his vintage comic books.  See, he has an advantage!  One who has great respect for comic books will have a great respect for the comic book character he or she portrays onscreen, don’t you think?

I could see Mr. Cage playing an older Bruce Wayne, eccentric, wealthy and impeccably-dressed.  Come on – it would be worth it to just to see him interact with Alfred, as long as Michael Caine reprises this role (I know there would be plenty of witty banter).  As Batman, he would be kicking ass and taking names.  And he would look awesome in the Bat suit.  He would definitely make Superman seem inferior…yeah, because Nicolas Cage does that!  If we’re lucky, maybe the studios will reconsider and let him go up against Superman; or, at least let him play Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie (fingers crossed)! 

Well, you’ve heard my suggestion for the next Batman…I’d like to hear yours – send me a comment or two…don’t be shy!