October 23, 2013

Beetlejuice…Beetlejuice…A Second Beetlejuice Movie in the Works? Could it be???

Salve Omni!

So, there has been an exciting little rumor buzzing all around movie land and the Internet…and if it is true, I will be the happiest girl in the world!  For those who haven’t heard, supposedly, (fingers crossed!) there is talk of a second Beetlejuice movie in the works.  And, yes, it looks like Michael Keaton will be reprising his role as Beetlejuice!!!  The only drawback – it is not certain if Tim Burton will come back to direct the second film – What?????  This can’t be true!!! 

If it is true, and Tim Burton decides not to direct, I pray to God above that whoever takes charge will keep the adult humor and the dark quirkiness that Tim Burton so wonderfully-established in the first film.  I am begging you, Do Not Make This Into A Kid-Friendly Cutesy-Type Film!  It just won’t work!

Just in case the writers might be stuck on what to write about or which direction to take, I am here to help.  Here is my brilliant idea for part 2:

The movie starts out, years later, same house – except now, Lydia, her husband, and their two teenage children, live there.  Lydia’s dad and stepmom moved away years ago, leaving her the house.  Though Lydia is now married, she still remains the Goth character that we remember from the first film.  To add a little dramatic flair, let’s make her husband more of a hipster-type skeptic.  Their two teenage kids (a boy and a girl), are outcasts and misfits, and take more after their mother; with interests in the paranormal and the macabre.  I must point out that Lydia’s ghost couple pals, Adam and Barbara Maitland come around occasionally, but they no longer inhabit the house.  Instead, they are busy “traveling the world.” 

The drama begins one rainy afternoon, when the bored teenagers decide to go snooping around in the old attic.  You see, Lydia and her husband went away for the weekend.  They find a box of their mom’s old stuff…including a diary that chronicles all of the events that occurred in the first film.  So…being full of curiosity about their mom’s interaction with the paranormal, they break out the old Ouija board (when will people ever learn?) and attempt to contact the spirits of the Maitlands, with no luck.  Just when they feel as if their attempts were pointless, a portal is opened, and Beetlejuice, who has been waiting to find a way to get back to Lydia, is released.  But he is not alone – a few other nasty ghouls and one crazy poltergeist also come through. 

Now it wouldn’t be a modern-day Tim Burton film without the likes of Johnny Depp!  So let’s make him the crazy poltergeist character- real dark and creepy, but funny as hell, and oh-so-sexy!  So he comes through the portal, and immediately forms an attachment to the house, and later, to the girl.  At first, Beetlejuice is fine with Depp’s character hanging around, he even takes him under his wing to teach him the ways of the “bio-exorcist” and supernatural troublemaker, but Beetlejuice soon gets enraged, as he is extremely territorial, and doesn’t want any other entities crouching on his space.  He especially thinks he still has a shot with Lydia after all these years.  Beetlejuice sends the young poltergeist packing, but there’s only one problem – Depp’s character just won’t leave!  And he is much younger and stronger than his older counterpart.

Lydia and her husband return home to find that there is a battle of ghoulish wits being waged, and that their children have not only brought back Beetlejuice, but they have opened a portal.  Lydia’s husband doesn’t remain a skeptic for very long!  Comedy ensues.  A battle of wits and haunts to free the household from Depp’s character and to banish the bothersome Beetlejuice once and for all to get him to attach himself to another location, begins.  Bring in Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin as the Maitlands, who are summoned to help, and, voila!  A dark and hilarious paranormal romp!

Yes, I am available to write the screenplay for this – just sayin’!

Have a great week, Everyone!