October 26, 2013

The Great Pumpkin-Carving Fright

Salve Omni!

Happy weekend!

The time is almost nigh – so I thought I would share another one of my original, darkly-humorous poems to get you in the Halloween spirit.  As usual, it was written (actually, this morning!) with my creepy-cute little teddy bear, Balthazar, in mind.  Here he goes again, quietly terrorizing yet another poor defenseless Victorian child…perhaps I need a bit of counseling!

Let me know what you think!

The Great Pumpkin-Carving Fright

(Original poem by Trijan Maddux, 10-26-2013)

Little Patrick Skranton loved to carve jack-o’-lanterns –
He carved them with oh-so-much pride!
His heart left him too weak to play hide-and-go-seek,
And his parents confined him inside.

He usually carved –
Not to be attention-starved –
In the audience of his favorite stuffed bear.
This particularly-gloomy day,
Try as he may –
His companion could not be found, anywhere.

“Oh where could he be, my little bear, B?”
Patrick searched as much as his little heart was able.
Deciding soon after to give-up the chase –
His attention turned, with quick haste –
To a pumpkin sitting on the kitchen table.

Taking a carving knife –
The highlight of his dismal life,
He began to cut open the top.
To his unfortunate surprise –
Was met with a pair of beady glass eyes –
Which gave him such a fright –
That his little heart stopped!

Poor Cook found him dead –
Heart filling with such dread,
As she witnessed the horrific sight.
Patrick lay there, cold, clutching his chest,
Eyes wide-open in fright!

The little bear, B…but where then, was he?
Sitting there, but quietly, on the cold tiled floor.
This suspicious guest –
Covered in a great pumpkin mess –
Curiously, was wearing a striking pumpkin lid hat…
Need I say more?