October 19, 2013

An Original, and Darkly-Humorous Poem to Get You in the Halloween Spirit!

Salve Omni!

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Wow, it has been too long!  I do apologize for the recent lack of posts – the past three weeks have been extremely busy; leaving me with very little time to write.  It always feels so strange when I don’t write or post anything – writing is definitely one of my passions – has always been.  Hopefully I will be able to resume writing 1- 2 weekly posts from here on, with no interruptions. 

Since Halloween is fast approaching, I thought I would start this brand-new post with an original piece that I wrote last month.  I have a teddy bear named Balthazar.  He is a cute, little lovable bear that has been with me pretty-much since the day I was born (that’s 31 years…yikes!  I wonder how old that is in teddy bear years?)  He is well-loved, as you can see from the photos – his fur is a bit scruffy, his nose is crooked, and his mouth is missing (been that way for years now…I couldn’t tell you what happened to it), but, I still think he is as cute as a button!

Sinister?  No way...just look at that little face!

Despite his presence in my life and my world, my husband and I feel as if he might have been around for much longer than a mere 31 years.  I’ll explain…for some strange reason, Balthazar seems to creep the crap out of people!  I don’t see it (OK, yes I do), but my husband, friends and family all claim that there is something sinister about him.  Sinister?  Hardly!  Strange?  Maybe.  I will say one thing…don’t let the cute innocent exterior fool you!  Balthazar is a prankster with a very dark sense of humor.  We will often find him wielding knives/swords from our collection over some of the other stuffed animals, while shouting, “There can be only one!” in that little timid voice of his.  Perhaps he is just looking to practice his fencing skills.  He often appears in random places…one moment he’ll be sitting on the bed...moments later, I’ll find him peeking in the doorway of our TV room.  If you fall asleep on the sofa, you might just wake up to find the little bear peering over you, quietly observing…disturbingly quiet!

Of course he isn’t this old, but my husband and I can’t help but imagine this little creature creeping out the children of the Victorian era.  I can just imagine this small, quiet little bear with no mouth, sitting on a chair in a child’s nursery or playroom – watching and waiting.  I imagine a very dark and sinister sort of teddy bear.  Although he says nothing and “does nothing”, all of the children who are unfortunate enough to possess him end up dying mysterious deaths or suffer the strangest injuries.  I imagine Balthazar as having a very curious story to tell…that is, if he could talk (no, of course he can’t talk…that-would-just-be crazy?!!!)

My first passion has always been poetry.  I have been writing original poetry for about twenty years now.  So far, I have been published twice – once in a small anthology when I was in middle school, and again in high school. 
Recently, I was inspired to write a series of macabre, yet strangely funny, poems based on poor unsuspecting Victorian children, who meet their demise at the hands of Mr. Balthazar.  I know it sounds horrible, but believe me, they are quite humorous and entertaining – great fun for the whole family to read and enjoy!  To get you in the Halloween spirit, I thought I would share one of these poems with you.  Let me know what you think of the poem – I have written a few more like this that I might be inclined to share in future posts.  I am currently working on a small book of macabre, yet fun, poems in this style.  Of course, each poem will be illustrated for the full effect – but until then, you will just have to use your imagination!

And now, the poem:

One Lump, Or, Tree?

(An original poem written by Trijan Maddux, 9-2-2013)

Kara-Anne-Mae had a tea party one day –
With Balthazar, and a few other toys.
Out in the open air –
‘Twas quite the affair –
And safe from the taunts of the boys.

“One lump, or two?”
While bending to lace-up her shoe,
She heard a timid voice ask.
Looking up in the tree,
She asked, “Who is speaking to me?”
The last thing she did see –
Why, the little bear, B –
With a saw, on a limb –
And then…Crash!