August 16, 2013

Fantasy-Genre Film Dream Casting, Episode I: The Sequel to Labyrinth

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So, I have an interesting thought that I would like to share.  It is based on a series of conversations that my husband and I have had for a few weeks now.  We were watching Labyrinth, one of my favorite Fantasy-genre films of all time (hey, David Bowie is in it - what's not to love?).  While driving around town one weekend, running errands, we found ourselves jamming to my favorite band, Coheed and Cambria's newest double album, The Afterman:  Ascension and Descension.  If you have never listened to anything by this band, you are definitely missing out on some truly amazing music.  Incorporating aspects of alternative, progressive rock, punk rock, pop, metal, and post-hardcore into each album, I can truly say that THIS BAND ROCKS!!!!  Along with this double album, they have recorded several previous albums that all tell a science-fiction storyline called, The Amory Wars; created by frontman-guitarist, Claudio Sanchez, and written as a series of comic books and full length novel. 

Although the entire two-part The Afterman:  Ascension and Descension album is quite fantastic, I do have my favorite tracks.  One of my favorites on The Afterman:  Descension album, is a track called, "The Hard Sell".  This song is just awesome - give it a listen - I guarantee you will be dancing in or out of your chair in no time!  Well, there we were, driving around, jamming to "The Hard Sell", on repeat, and I just kept imagining Jareth the Goblin King and his goblin minions dancing around the castle to this tune.  For some crazy reason, I started imagining Coheed and Cambria's, frontman-guitarist, Claudio Sanchez, as the son of Jareth, in a movie sequel...and with Coheed and Cambria performing all of the awesome music, with lyrics and singing by Claudio Sanchez.  And that's when I got the idea (no, I had not been drinking), for a Labyrinth sequel Fantasy film dream casting...because it could happen! 

Now you might agree with my casting choices, or you might not, but you must remember, this is purely a suggestion of who I would like to see cast if there was any possibility of a Labyrinth sequel.  I'll start with my dream casting choices:
v Balthazar, Jareth's Son / Goblin King - Claudio Sanchez, frontman-guitarist for Coheed and Cambria.

v Sarah - Jennifer Connelly.

v Connor (Sarah's 7 year-old son) - Don't know yet...any suggestions?

v John (Sarah's journalist husband, who is out on assignment) - Billy Crudup.

v Hoggle - Voiced by Geoffrey Palmer (from the Britcom, As Time Goes By).

v Ludo - Voiced by Peter Mayhew.

v The Fire Gang - Voiced by the actors from the Britcom, Red Dwarf:

o   Fiery 1 - Craig Charles.

o   Fiery 2 - Chris Barrie.

o   Fiery 3 - Robert Llewellyn.

o   Fiery 4 - Voiced by the original voice Actor, Danny John-Jules.

o   Fiery 5 - Hattie Hayridge.

v Sir Didymus - Voiced by Johnny Depp.

v Worm - Voiced by Rik Mayall.

v Wiseman - Voiced by Stephen Fry.

o   Bird hat - Voiced by Hugh Laurie.

v Junk Lady - Voiced by Helena Bonham Carter.

Now that we have the cast, let me set the scene for a possible sequel scenario...Imagine, it has been 22 years since Sarah has rescued her half-brother, Toby, from Jareth, the Goblin King.  She is now 36 years-old, and married to John, a journalist, who is currently away on assignment.  They have a 7 year-old son named Connor.  Sadly, we find that Jareth has recently been murdered by his own power-hungry son, and heir to the throne, Balthazar.  Balthazar had been stolen from his biological parents as an infant, shortly after Sarah rescued Toby from being turned into a goblin and resisted Jareth's demands to join him forever in his kingdom.  Now, a grown man, Balthazar has slain Jareth in order to gain power and become the new Goblin King and rule the kingdom.  His goal is to steal more and more children and turn them into goblins in order to strengthen his army of goblin soldiers; in the hopes of one day being powerful enough to take over the mortal world.

Sarah, gets into an argument with Connor late one afternoon, when he asks to ride his bike out to pirate's cave with his friends.  The cave is an old cave, high upon steep rocks, and overlooking the sea.  It is rumored to be filled with magical and dark creatures.  Sarah does not think it is safe for Connor to go, and he gets upset because he feels as if he is being treated like a child.  He storms off to his room.  Sarah, now frustrated, calls John to vent her frustrations, and John asks to speak to Connor to try and talk to him.  Sarah goes upstairs to get him, but finds that he has climbed out of the bedroom window, and is gone.

Connor makes his way to the cave as it is nearing evening.  His friends are not there, but he decides to go in and explore anyway.  He paces around angrily, picking up small stones and throwing them at the cave walls.  The sounds echo throughout the cave, disturbing the secret world inside.  He wishes aloud that he could get away from his mother, because she treats him like a child.  The cave begins to rumble, the floor opens, and Connor falls through.  When he lands, he is in the Goblin King's castle, and finds himself face-to-face with Balthazar, who immediately tries to turn him into a goblin soldier for his army.  Connor manages to escape the castle, and is now loose in the labyrinth.

Sarah goes after Connor.  She goes to the cave to see if he is there, and finds his bike propped against the cave wall.  She hears faint laughter as she calls out for him, and sees small shadows and hears the faint scurrying of small creatures move about the back of the cave near the tunnels.  Realizing that these could be goblins and that Jareth might be behind the kidnapping of her son, she calls on Hoggle, Ludo and Sir Didymus for help.  They appear, and take her back to the labyrinth.  The adventure begins...with an awesome soundtrack too!!! 

Did I mention it would be directed by Guillermo del Toro, and produced by David Bowie?  Of course, they would have to collaborate with me, as I would be the screenwriter!

So there you have picks for a dream casting of the sequel to Labyrinth.  Let me know who you would pick for the ultimate dream cast...I'd love to hear your suggestions!