August 9, 2013

It Has Been One Busy Week, But I've Managed to Write a Few Sentences!!!

Salve Omni!

Dear Readers, I must apologize for the lack of new posts this week.  Unfortunately, time has not permitted me to write (or ponder at length) anything witty for my blog.  You would think that since this is the week leading up to my birthday, that I would be out and about the city; living it up and having some crazy geeky fun.  I wish!!!!  Instead, I've been having some work-related fun at home... my week has been consumed with working on a few projects that needed attention...including my jewelry business!!!

What's that you ask?  You didn't know that I make jewelry?  I see Someone hasn't been reading my blogs and/or bio close enough.  Yes, I make and sell my jewelry creations under my business name, Designs by EHL.  I currently have two online stores where I sell my jewelry, and I also do custom orders, so if you are interested in a custom piece...please contact me for more information (contact information can be found by clicking the link below to either online store!)

The Muse has yet again inspired me to create!  I have been working this week on creating new pieces for my Earth, Mother, Goddess, jewelry line.  I am working with natural Jasper stone beads in various colors, shapes and sizes, mixed with earth tones, and gorgeous beads to create pieces that are sure to awaken one's inner goddess.  I will post some pictures soon. 

I finally had the chance to update the listings photos for both of my online stores.  I thought I would enhance the beauty of the pieces listed by taking some artsy photos to include online.  Take a look!  The new photos make the shops look a bit nicer...don't you think?

Here are the updated photos from my store at (



 Here are the updated photos from my store at (





I will return next week with brand new ramblings and brand new posts, so stay tuned!  Wishing you a safe and happy weekend!