August 2, 2013

I'm Feeling a Bit Nostalgic--Here are Some of my Favorite 1980s Fantasy Films!

Salve Omni!

The weekend is any fun plans?  Money is a bit tight for us this week, so I think we'll just take it easy and watch some movies; not a bad way to spend the weekend at all!  It has been one tough week!  I really just want a day or two to unwind with some great entertainment that I can really enjoy without having to over-analyze anything.  Lately, I have been feeling a bit nostalgic.  I've really been wanting to watch some old-school Fantasy films from my younger days.  For those of you who grew up in the '80s and early ' know what I mean! 

The 1980s and early '90s were jam-packed with tons of Fantasy films - ranging from the great to the not-so-great, the animated to live-action, and from cheesy to cheesier.  These were the films that either created fond memories of our childhoods, or simply terrified us.  As a child, I had a very active imagination; often dreaming of fantasy worlds full of magic and adventure, with beings and creatures far beyond the imagination could comprehend.  I welcomed the escapism into the worlds of fairies, goblins, kings, queens, knights, emperors, warriors, empresses, sorcerers, and adventurers, that these films provided.

I thought I would list some of my favorite Fantasy films from yesteryear, that I enjoyed watching (and still often do).  And here they are (in no particular order):

v Labyrinth - David Bowie not only sings, but also stars as the Goblin King - 'nuff said!  Danny John-Jules (Cat from the Red Dwarf series) also provides the voice for one of the Fiery creatures.
v The Princess and the Goblin - For you fans of Britcom, two of the characters in this animated gem are voiced by Mollie Sugden (Mrs. Slocombe from Are You Being Served?), and Rik Mayall (Rik from The Young Ones and Lord Flashheart in the Blackadder series).   

v The Dark Crystal - If you haven't see it - you must...NOW!  Absolutely amazing film!

v Legend - Tim Curry plays the role of the Devil, or, Lord of really doesn't get any better than this!  A young Tom Cruise also stars in the film. 

v Excalibur - A retelling of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable.  Excellent! 

v Time Bandits 

v The Princess Bride 

v The Neverending Story - The first movie, of course!  I think every girl I knew had a crush on Atreyu. 

v Ladyhawke - Very interesting film, starring a very young Matthew Broderick and Michelle Pfeiffer. 

v Willow 

v The Chronicles of Narnia, the BBC Television Series - This series was one of my favorites growing up!  No CGI'd Aslan here! 

v The Adventures of Baron Munchausen - Starring a very young Sarah Polley. 

v Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller - I think I first saw this on the Disney Channel long, long ago...a boy and his sister learn they can travel the world by riding within postage stamps.  I saw this film about three times, and then it disappeared...or so I thought...I will have to revisit this one! 

v Beastmaster 

v Masters of the Universe - He-Man and Skeletor! 

v The Secret of NIMH - A film adaptation of, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH...such a great novel! 

v The Conan Movies:  Conan the Barbarian, Conan the Destroyer, Red Sonja. 

v The Hobbit 

v Krull

v My Neighbor Totoro - Cat bus is kind of weird, but overall, a real charming animated film. 

v Highlander - "He is immortal"!

So there you have it, a list of some of my favorite things!  I know there are tons more "classics" out there that didn't make it to the list.  What were some of your favorite Fantasy films growing up?  I know you want to share, so don't be shy...send me a list of your favorites!

Well, I hope this post has reminded you of happier and simpler times - times of magic and adventure, of romance, and well, pure creativity and imagination.  If you have time to spare this weekend, plop down on the old sofa, and watch a few goodies from the list; with a big bowl of popcorn and tons of candy, soda, and beer, of course!  Happy viewing!